“Barcelona is a fantastic city and the level of football is very high. During my 8 month stay I learned a lot and it helped me to be a more complete player.”

Giovanni United States

“During my stay in Barcelona I was able to train with two professional clubs and play one of the most important tournaments in Europe, the MIC tournament. In this tournament I was able to fulfill my dream of playing against FC Barcelona! Great experience!”

Luke SextonUnited States

“Thanks to Footvia for the treatment received during the 6 months I was in Barcelona. Thanks also to the UE Llefia team with whom I signed my first contract in Barcelona as a soccer player.
Christian and Sabrina are very good people.”

Marcelus JonesUnited States

“I've been to Barcelona twice! I wish I could stay longer. Good football, nice city, good weather and beautiful girls! Hehe
Thanks Footvia !!!!”

Tommy RizzoliUnited States

“I have made official coach titles in Spain with the training programs of Footvia coaches.
Thank you Christian for everything you have helped me and everything you have done for me during these 10 months. I will always be grateful!
Very good teachers that I had in the trainer courses. 100% recommendable.”

Abder BeddiarHaiti

“During my first stay in Barcelona I was able to train with different clubs and be evaluated. Months later I returned to Barcelona to play with the FE Grama U18. No doubt the level of football in Catalonia is very high and Barcelona is a great city.”

Dante ElizondoMexico

“I spent 10 months in Barcelona where I was able to play in two different clubs thanks to the help of Footvia. I have also done a Spanish language course and now I speak it perfectly!
I would like to return soon, I have left great friends in Barcelona!”

Nobuaki SatoJapan

“Thanks to Footvia I was able to play the MIC Tournament, every year they organize a selection of players U16-U17-U18 to play this tournament that has a very high level since they participate teams like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City, Valencia CF among many others.”

Julian PerezUnited States

“Barcelona is the best! Football is breathed everywhere and people are very nice. During my two-week stay I was able to train with professional clubs and play the MIC Tournament with the Footvia team.
I had a great time! My brother now wants to go too!”

Justin SextonUnited States

“Many thanks to Christian and Marcelo for helping me to have an opportunity in Europe. I would like to return soon to play the league with a club in Barcelona.”

Yan RosanoBrazil

“Thanks to Footvia I could have the opportunity to play in a professional team in Barcelona. Christian, Sabrina and all their staff were from the first moment I arrived helping and advising me. No doubt I will never forget what they did for me.”

Mamud KeitaUnited States