Official titles

  • Spain is currently among the countries with the most qualified football coaches. The up-to-date attractive game methodology combined with the great talent of players and coaches available in the country make Spain the perfect place to become a football coach.
  • You can study the official courses for football coach that is given in Spain and you will be able to learn the most prestigious training methodologies in the world.
  • You can achieve all courses in a row (4 months for each course) or intensively (2 months each course).
  • All coaches who wish to take the official football coach qualifications must have a B2 or similar level of Spanish, since all courses are taught in Spanish and no type of translator is used.
  • You can practice in professional clubs in Barcelona and learn even more concepts directly from the hand of Spanish coaches with UEFA PRO qualification.

Daily program

9h to 14h: Theoretical classes.

6pm to 8pm: Practice with Barcelona clubs along with official coaches.


Physical fitness tests

  • All coaches who wish to take the official football coach course in Spain must first pass some physical fitness tests.
  • These tests should always be taken prior to entering Level 1 and once they have been approved they do not need to be retaken to study Levels 2 and 3.

Download content of physical evidence.

Level 1

This is the first valid title as a Football Sports Technician to allow you to practice the profession of a coach, in accordance with the Sports Professions Law.

It enables you to practice the profession within the lower categories of Football base from U8 to U18.

  • Intensive course: June and July.
  • Ordinary Course: October to January.

Level 2

With this title of Sports Technician of Medium Degree in Football, you will be able to bring your profession to an higher level, coaching U18 teams up to National League. You will also be able to coach Amateur teams and women’s teams up to Super League.

  • Intensive course: June and July.
  • Ordinary Course: October to January or from February to June.

Level 3

With the course of Superior Sports Technician in Football, you can practice the profession of the coach in teams of any category, female and male, including national teams.

  • Intensive course: June and July
  • Ordinary Course: October to January or February to June.

Other professional opportunities

Besides being able to exercise as a football coach, this qualification enables   you to  perform in  different types of entities or companies at a professional level such as:

  • High-performance sports centers.
  • Sports-expertise centers.
  • Football Schools.
  • Clubs or sports associations.
  • Federations
  • Sports patronages.
  • Sports service companies.
  • Training centers for soccer sports technicians

Also the title of Senior Sports Technician in Football gives access to the following university studies:

  • Degree in primary education (all specialties)
  • Degree in Social Education
  • Degree in Physiotherapy
  • Degree in Occupational Therapy
  • Degree in Social Work
  • Degree in Nursing
  • Degree in Tourism Companies and Activities
  • Degree in Tourism

Practice in professional clubs

We offer all our coaches the opportunity to do internships in professional clubs and academies of Barcelona to complement their training during their stay.

It will not be necessary for each coach then to search for a club to do the practices of the trainer course since we take care if this procedure for them offering them always the best options.

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Other courses

Sports director

In this course you will receive all the necessary training to perform all the tasks of the sports director.

You will learn how to create a soccer school or a football club, and how to manage the entire organization chart that it comprises.

You will know the tools and strategies of Sports Marketing and guidelines that need to be followed to achieve maximum results.


Scouts are soccer technicians who apply new technologies to analyze teams, footballers or game systems.

In modern football, the scouting departments of professional teams gather each day more importance; and teams do not hesitate to hire technicians, many of them young people who are well prepared, specialized in analyzing rivals and footballers. The objective is none other than to try to get a better performance from the players and help the coach make the decisions in a correct way.

Even the sport agencies in charge of players or coach representation have now incorporate the figure of scouters for the recruitment of players and the presentation of detailed reports, either through written reports or videos.